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Thursday, February 10 2011
I got a call from a customer today who just installed two of our AL50X Xenon lights in his sport-fisher. He wired them with 14 gauge wire and ran them to a dedicated breaker about 20 feet away. He ran the wire to the first light and then daisy chained to the second light. All looked good until he flipped the breaker. Both lights came on but a second or two later one of the lights went off. He flipped the breaker off and on again and shazam, both lights came on and stayed on. That is until he turned them off for the day and back on the next. That's right, same thing happened. So what's going on here?

Xenon lights are great because they're really bright (about 5400 lumens on a 50W bulb) and once they heat up they run really efficiently in relation to their brightness. The trouble comes in when you use to light a gauge wire. After the Xenons heat up they only draw about 2.5 amps for a 50W bulb so often an installer will use 14 or even 16 gauge wire because it's only 2.5 amps running, but at start up they will draw 4-5 amps for the first 20-30 seconds so if you running 16 gauge wire the light will shut down. This can even happen with 14 gauge wire if the run is too long or if your running more than one light on a single wire.

Bottom line, when it comes to wiring Xenon lights, bigger is better. Spring for the 12 gauge.

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Wishing you calm seas,

Mako Bob
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